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  • Discover the Top 10 Rock Star Skills


    The First 5 Rock Star Skills

    Launch Day 1 - Novemember 24, 2021


    ~45 Minutes

    Watch on YouTube (the full video or you can check out the micro videos for quick hits!)



    The Last 5 Rock Star Skills & The Bonus Skill!

    Launch Day 2 - November 25, 21

    ~42 minutes

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  • Testimonials

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    Tim Prosser, Senior VP Finance & Admin, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority

    "The best way I could describe having a Rock Star working for you is this - they gather a following when they hit the stage - the right following. The audience they build are those that are behind the long-term best interest of the company. Having a Rock Star on your team will also surface those in the company that are driven by self-interest - why, because the Rock Star raises the bar cross-departmentally to work together to do the right things at the right time for the betterment of the company as a whole. The Rock Star understands getting things does means auditioning to get the right band members on the team; and pushes each to solo in every song, never looking for credit by building a culture of team wins and record hits. The momentum catches, and the team(s) are looking for the next mountain to conquer (they individually can't wait to get to work and are always supportive of their co-workers). I would say that for a company to create a long-term sustainable competitive advantage - this is a key element to achieve long-term shareholder value."

    John Donnelly, Director, Your Holistic Academy

    "I attended two "Rockstars" workshops with Trish and Ricardo and was inspired. Fabulous content, delivered with passion, professional and in a beautiful flow of ease and trust. I love the intention and alignment behind these great leadership skills and the honesty and trust that Trish and Ricardo use in delivering the teachings. Invaluable for anyone in a position of leadership, congratulations to you both for the excellence you presented."

    Lisa Rothrauff, Director, Education at Amplitude

    "I couldn't imagine a better mentor and coach than Trish. Trish and I worked together for six months in an Everwise mentor program, and from our very first conversation, I knew I was lucky to have her on my side. We met frequently, discussed work challenges and new communication strategies, and debriefed on new approaches to cross-company collaborations. Throughout, Trish was direct, honest and supportive, and as a result, she has left me a much stronger leader than when we first met. I am so grateful to Trish, and only hope that she continues to mentor in professional programs because others should also get to benefit from her generosity and talent."

    Kraig Kidd, Health & Wellness Coach

    "You know when you have that feeling of something isn’t quite right? Or when something is missing? Or maybe when it’s when you know you should do something but you're not sure what? Trish lives by this leadership quality...it’s the quality of trusting your intuitive feeling and digging as deep as you need to go to discover the truth. Trish is a genius at coaching leaders, executives and teams to discover this innate ability within themselves and learn to trust it, and follow it to the end. She will help you discover the answers that stir within to find the solutions that are needed. She is compassionate. She is brave, and she is trustworthy to help you take the journey. Follow it!"

    Aideen Ni Riada, Owner, Confidence in Singing

    "Trish & Ricardo brought energy and insight to their Rockstar training course. Not only did I learn a lot but I enjoyed it too"

    Christine Ferguson, Entrepreneur

    "I recently attended a webinar on how to identify your Top 10 Rock Star Skills. It was absolutely amazing. As a upper management in my career, I loved this webinar and would recommend it for anyone at any level of management regardless if your at the entry level or CEO of the company, invest in yourself, attend this webinar."

    Steve Gatzke, Former Team Member

    "Being part of a high performance team means there is room for conflict, open and honest dialogue between the team members and the leader. Your style encouraged us to disagree, but at the end of it, we knew we could still move forward and work together. Not being allowed to speak your mind or be honest just builds resentment, disrespect and erodes trust. We have some of that back, but the expectation to be shiny, happy people gets tiring and does nothing to move the organization forward."

    Doug Eagle, Former Team Member

    "A good leader acknowledges that surrounding yourself with smart and capable people is an asset, not a threat" (oh how I wish there were more of those! Very frankly, Trish, what I miss most about your style is the openness and willingness to share anything you could with us. Transparency breeds trust and respect which makes people want to perform better. Secrecy and poor communication breeds the opposite."

    Lucille Headley, Team Member

    "During this time of pandemic-life and its demands, and our hurting communities 🧡, I'm so grateful that I get to experience your leadership energy Trish. You deliver kick-ass results and empower your team, all while radiating clarity and care for our shared humanity. You’re masterful in your skills, grounded in your personal purpose, and transparent in what you really mean! The world needs more leaders like this. Good on you for being willing to lead others on how to step into that space."

  • Paula Shaver, Team Member

    "I met Trish Bishop a few years ago when she became my Director and I was quickly drawn to her. I immediately trusted her. At the time I would not have been able to articulate why I felt like we'd known each other for a lifetime and were kindred spirits but as time went on it clicked, we were connected on a spiritual and energetic level. A couple things I quickly came to learn about Trish is she lives and breathes her intuition and she fully believes, and lives by, "True power comes from empowering others". Intuition is something we all inherently have but as children it has been repressed by "the norms" so we all haven't had the chance to remember it, refine it, develop it, and trust it. Many were conditioned to shut it down.


    Trish has helped our entire team to use our intuition and she has empowered us since day one, which has helped to make us a high performance team. I've seen her sense that a project was about to go off the rails and take action to get it back on track before anybody even knew there was a problem on the horizon. I've personally had her reach out to me as she sensed something was wrong, even though there was no plausible way she should have known, something told her to connect with me, to help me. Each and every time she has, she's been bang on. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Trish, you should feel blessed. She is incredible and will be able to assist you and your teams to become the best they can be for themselves and for others.


    Feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Trish."

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