How 2 B a Rock Star

Interested in becoming a Rock Star?

Let’s get started:

  1. We highly recommend you listen to this 30 minute podcast on Women Who Lead Radio to get the gist of what the Rock Star Program is all about.
  2. If you’ve listened to the show and now you’re fired up (or, hey, even mildly interested), we have a webinar series coming up that you should definitely check out!

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The objectives of the Rock Star Program are as follows:

  • For innate Rock Stars to understand who they are and how they can increase their level of maturity around the 10 Essential Rock Star skills
  • For non-Rock Stars who would like to become Rock Stars, to teach them the 10 Essential Rock Star skills and how they can apply them in business and in life
  • For non-Rock Stars who have absolutely no desire to become a Rock Star, but who find themselves working with one, to help them to better understand the Rock Star personality, how to work with them effectively and how absolutely critical their own role is in a Rock Star’s world!
  • For organizations who may or may not recognize what a Rock Star is, to educate them about what Rock Stars bring to the table and how to harness their talents effectively (here’s a hint – there will be no harness if you want to do this well!)